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It's Time to Recognize Pharmacists as Health Care Providers, Baltimore Sun, 3-6-14

Pharmacists Increasingly Take On Clinical Roles, Kaiser Health News, 2-11-14

Bill Would Encourage Team-Based Care for Medicare's Chronically Ill, Modern Healthcare, 1-15-14

Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) Teams coordinate health care by integrating medication management into the care of patients suffering from multiple chronic health conditions in more than 350 communities across the country.
What's next for the PSPC?
Join the April 16 webinar to learn all about it.
AIMM for Collaboration

Apexus President Christopher A. Hatwig explains how the 340B program provided common ground for enduring support of AIMM.

Watch PSPC Teams in Action

In communities across the country, interprofessional health care teams are using a framework to improve health outcomes for patients with chronic conditions through medication management. Watch the video to learn more about how the PSPC Teams are helping patients achieve their medication goals, manage their conditions and stay safe and healthy.
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